research fields
  • CAD-CAM production in the ortognatic surgery The ortognatic surgery deals with the re-establishement of facial correct proportions and the correct closing relations in the patient with mouth-facial alterations
  • The Surgical Navigation The surgical navigation represents a new way to operate, through the use of a particular tool : the navigator
  • Augmented Reality The augmented reality is basically the union of virtual reality and real environment; through this technique it is possible to join together, in the visual field of the surgeon, the virtual contents and the surrounding reality.
  • Virtual Surgery Our team has been developing the software use that provides the surgeon with a 3D environment in the virtual surgical process
  • CAD-CAM production in the oncological surgery It makes it possible to produce reconstructive custom made plaques directly from a computed project that can precisely recreate the bone profile of the patient (after xrays exams) and computed tomography.
  • 3D Facial Photograpy For the surgeons operating such a difficult area as the face the photographic documentation has always been an important element.