Your 5x1000 to Face3D


Giving your 5X1000 doesn't cost you anything because it is a fraction of the taxes you owe the government and which the government has allowed to be devoted to organizations and associations distinguishing themselves through their work in social, healthcare, and scientific research areas.


In your tax return form (CUD, 730, or UNICO), there is a field indicated as “CHOICE OF RECIPIENT OF FIVE PER THOUSAND OF IRPEF”.

To give your 5x1000 just fill out the Face3D V.A.T. Code, 03469051209, where asked and provide your signature.
The appropriate box is titled “Funding for Scientific Research and the university”.

Help us spread awareness

Your voice is important. The more people help us, the more researchers we can fund next year. Thank you for your precious help in the challenge of supporting scientific research!

You can help us by signing your email and entering the invitation to devote your 5X1000 to Face3DBO.
Copy the following text:
Devote your 5x1000 to Face3D
Enter the V.A.T. Code 03469051209 in the box “Funding for Scientific Research and the university”.